Saturday, February 2, 2013

White Scars Command Squad Progress

Made a bit of progress on the White Scars. I managed to model the Company Standard, and get a small pennant added to the Captain:

(in the grim darkness of the far future, healthy eating campaigns are conducted with absolute force)

I also got a bit of work done on the Veterans:

Unfortunately, my knife slipped and sliced one of my fingers while converting the banners. Rather than risk the cut reopening and bleeding over my nice, clean whites, I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to resume painting.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Company Champion & Apothecary WIP

Hi guys, just a quick post with a bit more progress, this time the Company Champion and Apothecary. Both need just a few more details and some tidying up here and there.

I went with what I understand to be the RT-era Apothecary colours, and I'm very pleased by the result. The white ones I've seen don't stand out enough for my liking. Anyway, should hopefully have these done tonight and make a start on the 2 regular veterans tomorrow. Still waiting on some sheet metal for the Standard Bearer but with a bit of luck, I'll have the whole squad done this week.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Taking the White Scars to 2000 points

I was chatting to my brother earlier about our current 40k projects, and it got me thinking about how to get my White Scars army up to the 2000 point mark. Just to recap, here’s what I have at 1500:

Captain on Bike with Power Weapon
Command Squad on Bikes with Standard, Champion, 3 Power Weapons and 2 Meltaguns
6 strong Bike Squad with 2 Meltaguns and Multi-melta Attack Bike
6 strong Bike Squad with 2 Meltaguns and Multi-melta Attack Bike
10 strong Tactical Squad with Flamer and Heavy Bolter, with
Rhino with Extra Armour and Storm Bolter
3 strong Land Speeder Squadron (Tornado pattern, 2 Heavy Bolters each)
3 strong Land Speeder Squadron (Typhoon pattern, Heavy Bolters)

First to be added is a Master of the Forge on Bike with Conversion Beamer. At 155 points he’s an affordable little experiment, I’m looking to use him as an anti-vehicle/monstrous creature/heavy infantry sniper of sorts. After that, I started looking at the Heavy Support section and weighed up the various options. I eventually settled on 2 Whirlwinds and a Vindicator, and with the spare 60 points I’ll get another Land Speeder Tornado and run them in 2 pairs.

My thinking behind these choices is that they shore up a couple of minor weaknesses. The Whirlwinds not only give me a bit more range, but also help with rooting enemy units out of cover. One might not have enough impact, but they’re cheap enough to pair up and do a decent job of bombarding dug-in units. The Vindicator I’m planning to run alongside the Tactical Squad in the Rhino to give them a bit of punch. It’ll also take a bit of the heat off the Rhino since it’s a bit of a scarier opponent. All three tanks will hopefully encourage the opposition to spread out in order to minimise the effects of their blasts, therefore making it easier for me to manoeuvre and take them out piecemeal. They’ll also hopefully draw some of the heavier anti-tank fire away from the Bikes and Speeders.

One other thought was to take the MotF, 1 Whirlwind, the Vindicator, and add in another Bike Squad, but I’m still undecided on that. I’ll have to see how my 1500 point setup works to decide if I need more Bikes or another tank. I may need more than 3 scoring units at 2000 points.

So that’s what I’m planning so far, anyone have any comments or advice?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Workbench Wednesday #3

Hi folks! Now that I can work on my stuff again, I can get back into my intended posting routine. So how are things looking this week?

The Captain is about 90% done, I just need to add decals, weathering, the base, and varnish (and tidy up the wheels, which I do after basing). I'm doing all of those on the Command Squad as a whole though, so that's all coming when the rest of the squad is ready. Speaking of which, I ought to go prime them...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Hi folks!

My paints turned up in the mail this week so I can finally get cracking on with some painting. Can you believe it's been almost 3 months since I had last painted something? Feels like forever. Anyway, I made a start on a random biker and my Captain:

I also decided to sign up to the Bolter and Chainsword forum's Librarium Painting Challenge, vowing to complete my army by March 31st. I've broken down this challenge into manageable chunks - one FOC slot per week with the exception of the Captain and Command Squad (who get 2 weeks) and the Land Speeders (which are being done 2 Speeders per week). That leaves 2 weeks of slack to allow for any unexpected interruptions or, if nothing slows me down, time to jazz them up a bit with some weathering and the like. First up is the Command Squad, since they're the only complete FOC that I have on hand (the rest are making their way here by mail).

Back to the painting station for me, take care folks!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Workbench Wednesday #2

 Hi folks, hope you had a great Christmas! (I know it's Thursday... sshhh!)

I got a couple of hobby related goodies this year, and having finished assembling the White Scars Command Squad last week, I got to work on the new stuff.

My wife bought me Dark Vengeance. At long last I can get in on 6th edition! Her parents gave me (among many other things) that handy little reading lamp you can see attached to my work station.

As you can see, I’ve made a start on the Dark Angels. However, since they aren’t one of the chapters that took part in any of the Armageddon wars, I think I’ll be painting them up as one of their successors who did: the Angels of Redemption. I’ll have to shave down the shoulder pads since the chapter symbol is different, but I reckon I can leave the rest of the iconography as it is. The halved colour scheme is definitely going to be an interesting challenge. I’m not sure whether to use the Dark Angels codex or the regular Space Marine one though.

The Chaos will be painted up as World Eaters, since they fought in the first war.

The Deathwatch have been set to one side for the moment (they’re a bit of a side project anyway) while I finish this, I had done a bit more work on the Heavy Flamer, and assembled another two: a Plasma Gunner and one with a Bolter. I should be back on to them next week, and in the meantime I’ll be working on Dark Vengeance and reading up on all the new 6th edition rules.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Workbench Wednesday #1

It's been a little while since I posted any pictures, so I figured it's about time to remedy that. Unfortunately it's going to be pure assembly for the next few weeks, no painting (which is driving me slightly crazy).

So first up, a picture of my work station:

A new home requires a new workstation, and I’ve been wanting a portable one for a while, so I got the GW one (I had the old MDF GW one back home). So far it’s been working out great, I like that I can sit and work pretty much anywhere, and it’s a lot easier to keep tidy.
So what am I working on? First of all, my White Scars Command Squad:

I’m running these guys with a Champion, Apothecary, Standard Bearer (with Power Sword), and 2 Veterans with Meltaguns and Power Swords. They’re almost fully assembled, I just need to add a Combat Shield to the Champion, a second Meltagun, and make the Company Standard. The Power Swords on the Veterans are magnetised, just in case I feel the need to change their loadout. I may do the same with the Meltaguns. I got a box of Chaos Marauders this evening for the Combat Shield and more hairy heads for later, so that’ll be added soon, and I also got a Tactical Squad for the Meltagun, and also for the second unit I’m working on:

A Deathwatch Kill-Team (counts-as Sternguard Veterans). So far I’ve just put together this marine with a Heavy Flamer (who I intend to paint up as a Salamander), but I’ll be adding quite a few more once the Command Squad is assembled. The image on the left is his current state, my “artist’s” impression on the right is what I’m aiming to create as far as the weapon’s casing goes. I also still have to fix the left hand by adding a proper grip and closing the hand around it. I’m considering adding a harness too.

I'm going to see if I can make this a weekly thing, seeing as how I have plenty to be doing for the next few months, and it'll help keep a steady pace with both the project and this blog. Let me know what you think guys :)